Best Educational Apps for 3, 4, 5 – 8 Year Olds

Best Educational Apps for 3, 4, 5 Year Olds

1. ABC Tracing & Phonics Game for Kids & Preschoolers

The greatest educational app for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners to learning drawing uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters from A to Z is ABC Tracing & Phonics.

It also assists your children in learning phonics and common first words, which will help them improve their speaking abilities. Each letter and its accompanying words are spoken aloud to assist children to understand them. This free software will assist your youngster in learning, writing, reading, and pronouncing English alphabets with greater ease and enjoyment.

The app’s main features are as follows:

  • By following the hand gestures depicted in the app, children may simply learn to write the English alphabet.
  • The app includes 70+ colorful and animated pictures of words ending in various letters, as well as their pronunciation.
  • Each letter of the alphabet is read aloud to assist your kid in learning to read.
  • This software is totally free of advertisements and pop-ups.
  • A free “ABC coloring sheets” activity is included in the app for youngsters to enjoy while learning.

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2. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

Are you in need of an educational application for toddlers that is entertaining, free, and simple? The ABC Kids blog has all you need to know.

This free software is designed to educate children from infants to preschoolers on phonics and the alphabet via play. The Alphabet Tracing Book was created to teach letter-shape recognition, phonics, and letter knowledge via enjoyable tracing activities. Just by following the arrows with their finger, toddlers, kindergartners, and preschoolers of all ages may learn English and the English alphabet. When the tracing games are completed, the children can gather stickers and toys.

The ABC Kids app was developed from the ground up with parents in mind. The design helps children focus on learning the alphabet and writing skills, and hides distracting menu commands away from hands that could be reaching for them. To activate Teacher Mode, parents may simply click a button on the device; to look at report cards, click a button on the device to display them; and to toggle tracing and phonics games, press a button on the device.

There is no third-party advertising, and in-app purchases are completely excluded, so you can be sure that ABC Kids is absolutely free of any adverts. Learning doesn’t have to stop because your child is too little to comprehend.


An app that promotes the development of a child’s creativity by teaching them the English alphabet.
In this app, ABC tracing games, phonics pairing, letter matching, and other activities are included.
Tracing, listening to, and matching by capital and lowercase letters.
A smart interface aids in the learning of phonics and letters while also preventing children from mistakenly quitting the game.
We do not allow third-party advertisements, in-app purchases, or any of that other sh*t. Fun for the entire family!

Tailored note to parents:

ABC Kids was created so that both parents and children would enjoy the experience. As we’re also parents, we know how paywalls, in-app purchases, and ads for other sites and apps get in the way of our children’s learning. Our ABC Kids app takes elements of a premium app and integrates them into a preschool-friendly interface while removing unnecessary popup windows and in-app purchases. When we think about it, this final outcome is precisely what we desire for our children. I believe you and your family will have a lot of fun with it, too!

The parents of RV AppStudios send their best wishes to you.

3. ABC PreSchool Kids Tracing & Phonics Learning Game

ABC preschoolers may learn fundamental tracing, including lines, phonics, and trace the alphabet’s letters and numbers 1-10, and shapes and colors, using this program designed for toddlers. Toddlers and kids alike can find plenty of engaging, instructive activities on the ABC Preschool Worksheets page. This is a free learning software for your children if your child is in kindergarten or is about to start preschool.

Are you on the lookout for kids drawing activities that are completely free of alphabet games for toddlers? Play our ABC games and free preschool games, featuring drawing activities for toddlers and alphabet activities for preschoolers! Visually appealing

Animated tracing and phonics activities for kids with the Best Learning applications. Knowing that there are characters, numerals, shapes, curves, slanting lines, straight lines, simple lines, and colors that are all other fundamental words in English, I hope you will continue to explore your creative possibilities. Young children from age two to six, including toddlers and kindergartners, can learn English and the English alphabet and numbers. youngsters follow their fingers to trace letters

Preschoolers between the ages of three and six can learn how to write in the alphabet and the numerals. Fraction tracing games help children focus on letter and number recognition and writing.

Award-winning Alphabet Tracing activities are utilized in schools for kindergarten, toddlers, early learners, preschool, and 1st-grade students. It’s important to teach children how to write their first letters, numbers, and basic shapes at an early age. It is important to offer early learners five different alternatives when it comes to practicing their letter formation. These possibilities include the use of upper and lower case letters, numerals, geometric shapes, or a coloring book for youngsters ages three and under.

ABC Preschool Tracing & Phonics features include:

  • Learn to trace ABCs for kids — learn to trace Alphabets & Letters
  • Solve letters and 123 problems while tracing colors and colors and letters 123 counts
  • Learn Geometric Shapes
  • from A to Z, fun phonics song animations
  • smarts and fun ABC counting numbers from 1 to 10
  • drawings and apps for free”
  • Begin tracing by tracing lines and curves
  • tracing using uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numbers, Shapes, and Colors is colorful early education software that helps youngsters learn the English alphabet.
  • Children age two and under will learn ABC tracing in fun, interactive activities.
  • for youngsters, tracing alphabets on slate
  • useful Connecting Dots activities for homework


Color, paint, draw or scribble over 350+ pictures. Children should be allowed to draw their hands and display their creative abilities. There are many colors, glitter, and patterns to choose from when coloring.


Let your child begin to learn the alphabet with Alphabet for Kids. The ABCs (English alphabet) and numerals are easy for young kindergarteners to learn by tracing the dashed lines. If your kids get acquainted with the sounds that each letter and number makes, they will learn to read more quickly.

ABC Preschool Tracing & Phonics ♬ is a free phonics and alphabet teaching software that allows children of all ages to have fun learning about the alphabet and phonics.

To finish, this ABC Kid Alphabet Letter Preschool Free Educational Learning Game for Toddlers teaches shape of numbers and letters as well as letter recognition for toddlers. Game for toddlers and preschoolers that combines letter flashcards with various activities. It is rather simple for kids of all ages to learn ABC games thanks to the ABC games for toddlers and babies! You will have a better chance of learning the alphabet using this application. Preschool activities for young children are available at no cost if you have ABC kids tracing and phonics lessons.

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4. ABC Kids Games – Phonics to Learn alphabet Letters

Kindergarteners may use ABC games to learn their letters. Learning letters and phonics is enhanced with ABCD games which have interesting interfaces suited for young toddlers.

To help with preschool children’s letter-sound memory, 2 ABC games include colorful images, sounds, and effects.

For children learning to read, this application was never more successful. They could learn letters, their phonics, and spelling principles while playing, without even knowing that they were acquiring new knowledge. Every time the youngster interacts with the alphabet in the games, the letters are pronounced out loud.

Additional Features:

  • The app is free of advertisements.
  • Can be played without an internet connection
  • Parental Gate protects links going outside the game, and buttons for in-app purchases, to ensure the learning experience is as safe as possible for kids while they’re in the app.

There are many additional learning games from “Bebi Games” you may discover and play with your child.

5. ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics

Would you want to play a spelling game for kids that is genuinely free? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a spelling game sans advertisements? 🚫 It should be noted that we have several spelling games in one app. The reason why our free kids game contains over 10 different spelling games is that not every kid learns the same way.

Game kids may play while learning how to spell and have fun! It helps young children learn to spell by having them trace words, spell, and visualizing letters. We aimed to get youngsters to play and not know they’ve learned to spell.

The number of game modes:

The image on the screen includes a photo with words highlighted immediately above it. They start by putting the tiles underneath in the right order and using the letters on top to make out words. At the same time, kids are learning to spell while learning phonics.

Use the letters on the screen to spell out the name of the picture. Although the letters are all mixed up, there is only one caveat: no two of the letters have the same value.

There are no words on the top row because letters are put at the bottom of the screen.

CVC: 5 more free learning modes for kids include consonant vowel consonant mode, which contains 5 additional free modes for kids to practice and learn.

We think that phonics is a crucial part of building a spelling foundation. Phonics-oriented game modes have been provided. From the very beginning, our objective is to ensure that the kid learns both spelling and phonics.

ABC Spelling was developed to meet the needs of both youngsters and adults. The visuals are vibrant, the symbols are simple to understand, and the cartoon illustrations will catch the attention of children. 📝 Achievement tracking with a report card element is sure to be popular.

Also, there are no third-party advertising, paywalls, or other distractions with ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics.


  • Lots of different things for young kids, parents, and toddlers to enjoy!
  • Colorful visuals and animations to assist children in the learning process.
  • Sounds to assist youngsters in learning the letters and words in phonics.
  • Report cards reflect how well the student has learned.
  • 🥇 Put stickers and diplomas on bulletin boards as a celebration of learning successes!

The games in our spelling game collection are enjoyed by people of all ages.

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6. Bini Super ABC! Alphabet Games for Toddlers & Kids

Are you looking for an app to help you learn the alphabet and sounds? Give it a try and see if you like our really awesome ABC preschool and kindergarten learning activities! Every child learns to read with us in a fun and imaginative way!

👶 A highly fascinating and entertaining way to learn how to read is presented by Super Fun Game for learning the alphabet. To teach your kids the alphabet, try playing with these silly Superletters. The following things will occur: your children will learn to read, write, and pronounce letters; they will begin to learn reading skills.

A variety of entertaining games exist.

gaining familiarity with letters and sounds

“Pop up Bubbles with Letters!” Paint the bucket and have children guess the letters. Mash-up games

Writing the ABCs

Write a super letter by using magic paint to animate your letters. Letter and ABC infant games ABC educational activities for children.


“Letters in Boxes!” – find and read the hidden letters while racing against the clock. Watch a figure constructed from building blocks emerge from the blocks. toddler ages 2 and under


Use the letter “F” to “chase” all of the “friends” that begin with that letter. Use of games in the first-grade classroom.

toddler alphabet games!” English letters made into baby shapes.”

  • really appealing characters!
  • A great way to learn something new!
  • Laugh-out-loud cartoons and outstanding soundtrack!
  • very funny sound effects!
  • Parental control is disabled, and there is no advertising anywhere on the site

A number of instructional games for kids are free to download in Google Play. Developing a good attention span, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and imagination should also be a priority. Educational baby alphabet games for toddlers, as well as activities for girls.

We are confident that infant educational games will assist in the development of letter and sound recognition as well as laying a strong basis for effective reading and writing abilities.

These learning games for children were developed by Bini Bambini, a software firm that offers them for free to youngsters who are three years old. Baby games which are part of our ABC collection have very high-quality material, as well as attention to design. Our games’ mission is for the full growth of all of our players. For the first four years of their life, babies are gaining important life skills that will enable them to learn more quickly, develop better memory, attention span, vocabulary, and speech, as well as reasoning and fine motor abilities. Research suggests that children are exposed to learning about ABCs in one of two ways: by reading books about ABCs, or by playing toddler-friendly ABC activities.

We go out of our way to ensure our apps have practical use. In other words, our instructional games aim to produce well-rounded individuals.

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7. Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

Education doesn’t end while children are in school. In addition to being interested in learning their ABCs, counting, addition, subtraction, and more, preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and older youngsters are enthusiastic about learning the alphabet, numbers, counting, and subtraction. The greatest approach to inspire that is to make available for them every day excellent instructional software and games.

Math Kids is a free educational game that was created with the express goal of teaching numbers and maths to young children. Toddlers and pre-K youngsters will have a lot of fun playing the many mini-games on this device, and each time they do their math abilities will improve. Young kids, kindergarteners, and first graders will seek to understand numbers and work on subtraction and addition puzzles thanks to the aid of Math Kids. As they compete in games and collect stickers, kids are having a fantastic time, and you are, too.


Math Kids includes a variety of puzzles that assist your child in mastering skills as they have fun, including:

  • In this easy game of addition, you’ll learn how to count items.
  • Counting and comparing can be taught to help children judge whether a set of things is larger or smaller.
  • Adding Puzzle – A fun, simple mini-game where youngsters draw numbers on the screen to make mathematical equations.
  • Adding a little fun: Tap the number that is not there.
  • Adding a Quiz – Let your youngster see how much they’ve improved in arithmetic and adding.
  • minus(subtracting puzzle) – solve the arithmetic problem that is lacking the symbols.
  • Conquering Fun: Count the things and subtract them from the total!
  • Quiz – Find out how far your kid has progressed in their arithmetic abilities by subtracting


Children are more likely to remember knowledge if they’re engaged in play while they’re learning. It motivates kids to want to study more often, and this extra effort helps children get an edge in school.

Adults may also benefit from the number of features Math Kids offers, which includes the ability to monitor and manage a child’s progress. The modes of the game may be customized to change the level of difficulty or to track progress and grades.

This series is the ideal introduction to the fundamentals of counting, addition, and subtraction for kids who are in elementary school or are just beginning their education. Your child will learn to sort, as well as practice early math and reasoning, thanks to this early education toy.

Teachers’ note to parents:

To provide the greatest possible learning experience for kids of all ages, we concentrated on constructing Math Kids. Being parents ourselves, we can see the difference between an instructive game and one that doesn’t meet those standards. Kids Math was given out for free with no third-party advertisements or in-app purchases. Math Kids is feature-rich, without irritation, and is fully operational. We really like this educational software since it is just the type of app we want our children to have, and we believe your family will love it, too!

Wishing you luck on your academic endeavors from the parents at RV AppStudios

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8. Kids Educational Learning Game

Preschool and kindergarten-aged children will have the most time playing this game!

Create a fun toy phone out of your smartphone or tablet

This games collection features 18 fundamental preschool and kindergarten games which teach letter and number recognition, numerical order, and matching, with an animated piano keyboard depicting animals. The screen has been created to respond to your child’s speech and to provide assistance by changing colors, using useful voice-narrated, vivid visuals, and wonderful sound effects, to help your child learn alphabetization, spelling, numbers, piano, and animals.

ABCs (letters) and Numbers (1-20) lessons may be learned with this app (games). Educational games will enhance children’s abilities and engagement with learning, especially with the use of a phone or tablet.

Kiddie learning games assist in enhancing cognitive abilities and provide practice in alphabets (letters), numbers (123), animal names, and a variety of other skills, including memory.

Kids who go to preschool will enjoy some enjoyable educational games to increase their short-term memory, and those who don’t will enjoy entertaining learning activities.

All-in-one Educational tool

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9. Colors & Shapes – Kids Learn Color and Shape

What do you see when you peek out the window? Because colors and forms, green trees, square windows, and the entirety of the world to find are all there, you will succeed! Children that play the game Color and Shapes will improve their color recognition and matching skills. The world is a gorgeous place. Allow your youngsters to familiarize themselves with the patterns so they can later draw them!

Color and Shape deals with the fundamental tracing, matching, and constructing techniques kindergarteners must use to improve their skills. Sensory play helps a kid improve their understanding of patterns, colors, and forms. It’s extremely simple to use, and youngsters will like using it.

The following games are featured in Colors and Shapes:

Painting is one of the kids’ favorite coloring activities. To complete the task, complete the tasks: Assign different paint colors to a set of different items, then identify each one by name. Color and shape recognition activities make a fun and interactive learning experience for youngsters.

Children in kindergarten through fourth grade have the option of playing a fun and difficult game to earn points and collect items of a specific color.

Similar objects match up by choosing those that have the same color. It’s an enjoyable method to study colors and sketching techniques, however, it may be difficult.

Right in the center, the outline is on top, and a handful of forms is underneath. Have your youngsters make matching pairs.

4. Follow the form outline on-screen to help your youngsters trace shapes. An excellent way to teach and reinforce shapes and pattern identification.

There are six different shapes for you to build in this app. First, you will have to drag and drop animated parts on the screen to construct a shape in the center.

Colors & Shapes teaches kids how to color, whatever of age. When parents notice the various settings that may be adjusted, they will be grateful. While teaching colors and shapes, having fun, and participating in all of the mini-games, kids will come to really understand how much fun it is to work with colors and forms.

Colors and Shapes are the very best as it is completely free! Ads are eliminated, in-app purchases are prohibited, and third-party ad companies are barred. This is a completely hands-off experience for you and your family.

To parents: As you will see, Colors and Shapes was designed to delight both you and your children. As parents, we know how annoying it is when advertisers or game developers use third-party advertisements and in-app purchases to track our online behavior. We decided to make this game available for free because of that. As long as you and your child are getting your work done without paying attention to microtransactions and other distractions, you won’t have to worry about interruptions in your learning. All you have to do is sit down and get started. We know your family will adore it, too, because it will provide an ideal educational experience for your children.

From the parents at RV AppStudios, here are our best wishes

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10. Toddler Learning Games for 2-5 Year Olds

Are you searching for a strategy to use video games to make use of a toddler’s screen time? Toddler games can be utilized to educate.

Toddler Learning Games 2020: You’ve got a better chance of stimulating your toddler’s brain with preschool learning than any other kind of learning. This educational preschool software offers a wide range of practical functions for your child. To learn alphabets, 123s, shape, and counting along with 40 Toddler Games for your toddlers, go no further than our website.

While being a parent, you need to decide whether you let your child to get distracted by their smartphone or prevent them from playing games that are for toddlers. Thanks to Toddler Learning Games 2020, today you may find a mediator to solve this problem.

All your little ones will have a blast playing one of the most amazing Toddler Games on the market today! While mainstream digital toddler learning is typically provided with only a few learning options, this preschool learning app comes packed with an extensive collection of useful learning categories, such as learning alphabets, learning 123, learning shapes, learning colors, numbers, learning months and days, and learning the usage of the currency.

Grow your toddler’s learning capacity with fun and educational games! This kindergarten learning app incorporates all of the vital characteristics necessary to see how effective your child will be in learning. Cross-matching and simple quizzes can assist your toddler to stay focused when trying to learn new topics.

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