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Play Fort Conquer Mod APK game to train troops, win fights, make your own base camps.

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July 23, 2022


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If you’re a fan of action and fighting games, then Fort Conquer Mod APK is made for you. In this game, you can build your village, prepare troops and fighters, start farms for agriculture, and attack their player’s base. This game has realistic sound effects, fight scenes, and actions to impress you.

You can play this game with your friends and compare your case; friendly-attack mode is available to check who’s base is the best. If you win against your enemy in the battles, you can conquer their base and start ruling on it.

About Fort Conquer Mod APK

Fort Conquer Mod APK is a game designed to train army troops and soldiers to attack nearby villages and conquer victory. Apart from this, you can farm on newly bought lands, gain more strength from the defence army, and make your village stronger by upgrading the maps.

There are many modes available in this game to play with your friends, random internet players, and join groups to play all together. Make the unbeatable base blueprints, and learn new attacking skills and defence hacks from the professional gamers.

Characteristics of Fort Conquer Mod APK

This game has many unique characteristics to feel a whole new experience of the fictional world.

  • Unique Graphics

The graphics are in 3D and has the best moments and action skills compared to any other mobile game.

  • Realistic Sound Effects

You’ll notice the realistic sound effects of every attack moment and background voice when you’re in a fight.

  • Build Empire

You can build your empire or win the villages by defeating their leaders with your troops.

  • Improve Fighting Skills

With the practice mode, you can improve your fighting skills and action commands over your army.

  • Base Layout

Check new base layouts for your village, or share your blueprints with your friends and fellow members.

What’s new in this Fort Conquer Mod APK?

As it’s a MOD Apk of Fort Conquer, you’ll get some additional benefits in this package.

  • New Skins

You’ll get a bunch of new skins for your players and weapons to stand apart in the army.

  • Player Unlocked

You don’t have to wait to complete the missions to unlock the players; all the characters are already unlocked for you.

  • Equip Weapons

You can set a stock weapon for your player or buy new weapons from the store for free.

  • Unlimited Resources

You don’t have to earn the coins anymore, and the storage is already filled with unlimited resources for you.


With the Fort Conquer Mod Apk, you can enjoy the gameplay and pass your time. Drop the other similar game names or your profile tag of this game into the comments box. If we missed any point about this game, let us know.

0 / 5. Vote count: 0

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