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Traffic Rider Mod Apk is a Motorbike Racing game with premium features unlocked.

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July 26, 2022


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We all enjoy playing mini-games in our free time. We all have a game that we play in our free time. But most people don’t like it when a pass-time game gets too difficult to complete. Most Games have in-app currency and require in-app purchases if you want to win faster and easily. And that is why a lot of Modified versions of games have been launched recently. These Modified apps have all the features unlocked and come with a lot of in-app currency too. So you can enjoy the game easily and without much effort. Traffic Rider Mod apk is one such modified version of the Traffic Rider game.

Traffic Rider is a next-gen endless racing game. This game lets you have the old-school charm of an endless racing game. You are supposed to ride on an endless highway and face obstacles in the form of vehicles on the highway. You can earn points by crossing obstacles.

These coins can be used to level up, upgrade your bikes and buy new bikes. You can also purchase points with money. In the beginning, the game is quite simple, and crossing levels and gaining points is really easy, but as soon as you level up, the game keeps getting harder and harder, and that is why it gets more and more frustrating.

And that is why the Traffic Rider Mod APK is here for you. This modified application has unlimited coins that let you purchase and upgrade your bike at any given point without spending real money.

Features of Traffic Rider Mod Apk:

First-person perspective:

This game lets you experience the whole game from 1st person perspective, so you feel like you are actually in the game and riding a bike through the endless highway.

Many bikes to choose from:

Unlike the other endless racing games in this game, you can choose your bike. This game has 29 different bikes to choose from. All the bikes in this game are really inspired by various famous bikes. So you can have a more personal and realistic experience in this game.

Career Mode:

This mode has 100+ levels and which makes this game very adventurous and challenging too.

Many game modes:

You can choose from Endless, Time Trial and free time modes. All of them are unique and amazing. In endless mode, you can ride the bike up to unlimited limits and break your own records.

Realistic graphics and sound effects:

This game has realistic graphics inspired by the Real world and realistic sound effects that are accurate for each bike. So you do not feel like you are playing and stupid childish game.

Unlimited coins:

This game starts with an infinite amount of coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this app safe to download?

Yes! Traffic Rider Mod apk is absolutely safe and secure app to download. Google play store might ask that app can be harmful for your device but it is totally safe for your device.

Why Mod version of Traffic rider is unavailable on Google Playstore?

Mod version have all paid and premium features unlocked for free. Traffic rider mod apk is unavailable because this app is modified by other developer to have all premium features unlocked.

Does this app work on an iOS device?

Traffic rider mod apk is only available for Android devices. This apk file does not work on iOS devices.


If you like playing the Traffic Rider game and you are tired of crossing difficult levels to earn points and upgrade bikes and purchase new bikes, then Traffic Rider Mod APK is the application for you. It is super fun and has unlimited coins, so you can enjoy the game without the pressure of crossing levels.

0 / 5. Vote count: 0

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