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Experience the life and struggles of a lone cow boy in wild west with West Gunfighter Mod Apk.

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July 26, 2022


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West Gunfighter Mod Apk is a wild west-themed open-world game released by Candy Mobile. You are supposed to survive in a ” kill or be killed” wild west as a cowboy. This game is smooth and easy to learn. The game is highly player dependent, the player has complete freedom of choice.

There are a lot of mini-games, side quests, and multiple chances to explore unique destinations in the wild west. The players can explore the world freely as a cowboy riding a horse. The game is full of action as you are supposed to face many enemies and animals in order to survive. 

Players can earn in-app currency like money and diamonds by completing quests and winning battles. These coins and diamonds can be used for upgrading and buying new items. Diamonds have great advantages in the game. You can have better weapons and horses and even better outfits. But earning diamonds isn’t easy at all. In the beginning, earning money is very difficult, but as you level up, the game gets harder. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend your real money to earn diamonds. West Gunfighter Mod Apk is here for you.

West Gunfighter Mod Apk is a modified version of the West Gunfighter game. This version lets the players access all the premium features of the game for free! You can have unlimited money and diamonds in the modified version of the game.


West Gunfighter is an adventure and action-based game. There is a story mode in this game where you go through regular duals and gun battles between goons and authority in the wild west. There are also a lot of mini-games inside West gunfighters, such as blackjack, Quickdraw, Horse race, Darts and shooting games.

These mini-games will provide you with diamonds which help you buy weapons and a horse stable. There are different and unique types of guns available such as Colt revolver, Peacemaker, Semi-automatic Shotgun, Remington revolver, Frontier revolver, Triple barrel shotgun and much more.

Features of West Gunfighter Mod Apk:

  1. Excellent graphics: this game has excellent 3D graphics that gives the players an immersing wild west experience from a first-person perspective.
  2. Unlimited Money: Users will get unlimited money which will help them buy weapons of their choice very easily.
  3. Wild west experience: If you want to experience the wild west with old American guns and horses, then this game is perfect for you.
  4.  Controls: This game has to understand and master them. Anyone can learn and play this game easily.
  5.  Map: this game has a  map, so you can always navigate your way to any place of your choice. The game is full of highly realistic and interesting locations to keep the players hooked.
  6. Character customisation: another cool feature of this game is character is completely customisable. You have control over how your character looks, and you can change your appearance at any time. You can also purchase cool outfits for your character.
  7. Multiplayer option: the best feature of this game is that it has a multiplayer option. So you don’t have to fight against AI bots all the time. You can team up with other players and complete missions, and earn coins and diamonds. 
  8. Unlimited coins and diamonds: the West Gunfighter Mod Apk comes with unlimited cash and diamonds. So you can buy the best guns, horses and outfits for your character.


If you love open-world adventure games, then you will definitely like the West Gunfighter Mod Apk. This game is adventurous and interesting, and the modified version comes with unlimited money and diamonds. Download the West Gunfighter Mod Apk now and enjoy! 

0 / 5. Vote count: 0

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